Saturday, February 21, 2009

Palladium, now with less Rifts!

One of my FLGS, Critical Effect, has specialized in gaming. No comics, few collectible toys, just gaming gaming gaming. It has a back room, and two wargaming tables with a respectable amount of awesome looking terrain. They seem to have something going on every night, and last night, it was Palladium fantasy.

Played Palladium fantasy once before, ran by Jum Jum. Figured if I was going to go play, he was the one I would get to tag along. Didn't get around to making a character before hand, so just whipped up one right there at the store. Preist of Light! Yay goodie two shoes!

The pre-existing party was made up of a troll, and elf, and a "human". Mmmhmm, changeling. Does every PalFan party have one? Jum rolled up a Long bowman, so we joined this party as the most vanilla human duo ever. Had to hunt down an alchemist, led to some mishaps with teleportation circles and monster infested sewers. Good times. At one point the "human" decided to sneak into the palace and impersonate the king while the rest of us tried to find the alchemist.

Think my opinions on player death have shifted GREATLY in the past few years. I like it, and I like it alot. Not in the gm vs. player punishment sort of way, but a way to affirm reality. Impersonating a bar keep? No biggie. The king? Your dead. He is the king after all. The style of the game seemed to be more of a free form by the seat of your pants thing. Death occurs less frequently in that sort, just by the fluidity of outcomes and events. I guess death would be a gm induced punishment in free form style.


Infamous Jum said...

It was always hard for me to take or dish out character death in Palladium, simply by virtue of how loooong it takes to make a new character. The GM seemed like a solid guy, but he was definitely nervous as hell. Makes it hard to dish out death, maybe he'll loosen up in the next few sessions.

Anonymous said...

Are you gaming with some of our laptop players? This trend of players multitasking warcraft is pretty lame, imoho. I mean, have the courtesy to play the game your physically in, not digitally.

my $.02.

skeleri said...

Yeah, one of the guys was WOWing. Kept surprisingly into the game, though. I had to make a quick text, threw me completely off whack. He seemed to be able to dish out troll damage and play WOW with out any hickups.