Friday, May 2, 2008

Maybe give TMNT another go

So my current campaign is winding down after over a year, good times. Only two more chapters left (I'm thinking anywhere between 3 and 9 sessions, most likely 7). Secret to a successful long running campaign? A published campaign with a definite end. Makes it a lot easier to soldier through the rough spots.

Unless I intend on playing Paizo adventure paths for the rest of my life, gonna have to learn how to start and then continue a campaign for longer than three sessions. That's pretty tough.

Here's some ideas for what to do when the campaign ends;

Take a break (little risky, might be hard to get back in the groove)

Ask someone else to run (Rise of the Runelords anyone? Castles and Crusades?)

Run or play (or both) 4e when it comes out

Play a chain of three session rpg miniseries, with rotating games and gms, with beer + pretzel games thrown in every once and a while

Try to run a superhero game (whole big can of worms there, from what I understand, there is no such thing as a good superhero system)

Thursday, May 1, 2008


I bought the fourth issue of Kobold Quarterly last week. Gotta say, I'm really happy with it. Really miss having a gaming mag in print. Just doesn't seem the same, reading printouts on the crapper instead of a periodical.

It really reminds me of White Dwarf, or White Wolf, back before they both became essentially a catalog for their parent company. Interesting how what would have been game specific content is now generic content. Seemed like before, the current edition of D&D was the default, with a little bleed over between editions. Now gamers seem to want to stick with 3.5, play a cloned version of an older edition (osric, labyrinth lord, hack master), or a progressed version of an older edition (castles and crusades).

They all have the same basic framework. Sessions could be damn near identical, only differences between them would be matters of preference in specific rules, mechanics. It's like D&D has gone from chess, to a deck of cards and whatever version of poker you prefer.

Anyway, loved the articles, funnies, and even ads in Kobold. Makes me wanna get a copy of Fight On!