Monday, August 31, 2009


So last night our whole party died. A couple of sessions ago, our rogue got bitten by a Vargouille. My cleric wasn't high enough level to cure disease her, so we had to go deeper into the dungeon with out rest to find the Mcguffin to cure her. The Kobold King and his chainsaw wielding guard laid us low. Oh well, that's an acceptable risk when playing. Now I get to make a new character, Huzzah!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


It seems like Sundays as gaming days are ramping up again as fall looms near. Tonight is Jum-jums game. Yay! Changing all of our 3.5 characters over to pathfinder. Now my evil gnomish cleric can generate a flipping death field! I took a feat so that the party won't get melted by it, but everything else that isn't undead? I'm like the arc of the flippen covenant.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Dungeoneering movies

Just finished watching Raw Meat (Death Line in the UK). I've been hearing about this movie for years from both my parents. See, when we start talking about obscure and bizarre movies, this one always comes up. They saw it on one of their earliest dates, and couldn't remember the title. All they could remember is that it involved cannibals in the sewers, and that all they could say was "Maah dee daaaah"

So I found it, through a guy I work with who is also all about obscure music and movies. It's all that's good about seventies horror, and British to boot. Kinda like the Abominable Dr. Phibes.

So back to dungeoneering, the whole movie is centered around these cannibals. Subway workers who were trapped in the 1890's and have been living off of each other and anyone they can get their hands on. So they have a sweet dungeon complex. Sweet in the "reasonable ecology of a dungeon" sort of way.

They've got living areas (well, a cot, a booze still, and lamps), a tomb (full of loot covered dead cannibals), a "pantry", a means of exit/entry, a reason for being down there, and a ton of rats.

Mainly, the dungeoneering aspect is best represented by the imagery, and reactions of the police when they get down there. Just to see how normals might react to a critter lair. Cuz these flesh eating limeys weren't too far removed from orcs, morlocks, or measels.