Thursday, February 26, 2009

Labyrinths and Lizards!

Jum and I drove out to Champaign to play in Labyrinth Lord at the Armored Gopher. Been wanting to do that for a while, the two and a half hour drive was a bit of a deterrent. We both played in J. Rients Big Stupid Dungeon Party at Winter War in 08, and had been itching to do some more of his brand of dungeon crawling. We both made up characters before hand, but ditched them to see what we could roll up on the fly.

Jum rolled up a fighter, with a scottish name. Seamus I think? I made a dwarf with 6 strength, Fonkin Wurp. With a six strength, I figured my role would be to shoot a crossbow and set off traps. We each got a random bit of useful gear. I got leather armor +1, Jum got a net. The net never got used, surprisingly. My fifty feet of rope got used tons though. Another party member swung me by it as a weapon, and a pair of kobolds we captured ended up being tied to each end.

I think four other players showed up besides me and Jum, to make a beefy six man party. Spent the night attacking shit, making jokes, and getting loot. That is gaming right there. I've decided I really couldn't give a hoot about "Roleplaying" unless it's funny. Crunchy tactical combat systems are a bore as well. If I wanted to play hero clicks while occasionally using funny voices, that's what I would do.

Might take Thursday off next time to make it out there, hopefully hit second level before we get a TPK. Which I am looking forward to. Lets you know the stakes are high when everyone dies!


Infamous Jum said...

Fergus Landry was the name, eating human flesh was his game. You know he's only up there every other week, right?

skeleri said...

Makes it easier to get the day off, if it's only twice a month :P

Jeff Rients said...

I didn't realize it was you two guys! Ha!