Saturday, February 28, 2009

Do not play after dinner!

Finally got to play Talisman last night! This is a game I have been wanting to play for as long as I could remember. During the peak of my game buying days, this bad boy was out of print. By the time it had came back into print, my interest had waned considerably. Lucky for me, Jum bought a copy.

We all knew this game would take a long time to play. Hours and hours, by all accounts. When dealing with a game like that, you need to start it in the afternoon, make a day of it. Not gonna happen. Nobody wants to sit down to play a game before seven o' clock. That's just the way things go.

So after dinner, and with beers, we tried to blast through this one. Of course everyone was going to get too tired to finish. It was loads of fun though, and I keep obsessing about playing it again. Even though we didn't finish, we at least learned how to play, and got a handle on what it would take to win.

I read that they are going to start releasing expansions for it, like Talisman Dungeon. The only expansion I want to play is Timescape. That's the one least likely to get released. Guess I'm never going to get to play as a Chainsaw Warrior or Astropath.

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