Monday, February 23, 2009

Football for dorks

Played a game of Blood bowl tonight. It's been years since I've even thought about playing. In the mid nineties, a buddy of mine convinced me to buy a team. We were going to play at a league up at Excalibur in Merrilliville. That never panned out, just ended up buying a skaven team and playing a few games with him against his undead team.

Blood bowl was also another reason to make an excursion up to Friends Hobby back in the day. Even now, when I play any older game, it becomes a reason to make a trip up there. This is a hobby shop run by pack rats. I mean that in the nicest way, because they still have EVERYTHING. Silent death minis, Al-Quadim boxed sets, Avalon hill wargames, man, it's mind boggling.

Anyway, we went up there in about 1994, he got the hardback blood bowl companion, I bought a couple blisters of star players. I like how they used to package them, in a blister labeled star players. You got a random assortment, so if you were playing skaven, too bad, you got one mutant, frankenstein, and a dark elf. I believe we used some sort of variant from there to play dungeonbowl? It's been a long time, memory is foggy on that.

About the Blood bowl tonight. It was Orks vs. Orks, and I got mah Teef kicked in. My guys spent the whole game flat on their backs. It was fun regardless. All kindsa chances for fumbling and game changing events. Feels good to foul a player when they are down, step on their squishy parts when the ref isn't looking.

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