Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shifting gears

I find role playing games skirting farther and farther from my interests. They have been surpassed almost totally by Wargames! Yaaay wargames!

It started sometime in November I think. I found out a group of guys were playing Warhammer 40K at the local gaming store on Sundays. This was the day I normally ran my Pathfinder campaign. Problem with the Pathfinder campaign, of the six or seven players I had recruited, I could reliably count on only two or three showing up. So it kind of petered out for me.

On to Warhammer 40K, says I. The attendance over there is just as spotty, but really, I only need one other player to show up. The game type alternates between normal with about two players per side, Apocalypse with about three players per side, and monthly tournaments. My original army was Eldar, but damn near half of the guys who show up play them. This convinced me I needed to look into another army, so I'm currently building up a Dark Eldar army.

I'm really the only player who shows up who has a fully painted army. They all have a few figs painted, and some have much better paint jobs than any of mine. But all of mine are painted, so I win, nyah.

Last weekend, I went to Winter War in Champaign again. Only played in one event, Blind Sniper. Lasted two rounds, me and another guy shot each other, while a lucky bystander looked on. Bought a copy of Malifaux, Hostile Aircraft (WWI biplane combat wargame), and Elfquest Rpg.

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