Sunday, June 6, 2010

Gonna run some damn Pathfinder

Been a while since I blogged, since I haven't been doing much gaming. The only gaming I've been doing has been Warhammer 40k, and tons of World of Warcraft. For 40k, my girlfriend built me a huge gaming table in the garage. So now I can play on a battlefield that is the correct dimensions of 6' by 4'. Haven't had a chance to play any traditional pen and paper rpgs though. Pretty weak showing, time to start playing the D and the D again. Or Pathfinder, which is the crazy stepchild of Ye old D&D.

So today I'm going to start the first installment of the Kingmaker adventure path. Sandbox in all it's glory, good times. It has a couple of homages or inside jokes to classic DnD. The most noteworthy to me is an encounter with a crazy hermit who lives in a hollow tree with his pet puma he calls "Cat". Mmmhmm, ripped straight out of Keep on the Borderlands.

I have 3 "tenative" players so far, need to expand that to about 4 or 5 I'm thinking. I like the format of the sandbox campaign. Weekly attendance isn't as important as it would be in a character story driven railroad campaign.

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