Saturday, November 28, 2009

First 40k smackdown!

So it's not my first smack down, but the first one with Lori, with my terrain. Oh yeah, and her first go at 40k. Here is the set-up. Observe the choke point right there in the middle...

Here is Loris Orkie hoard, ready to Waaaaggh all over my Eldar. Scary!

Here be my Eldar, trying to hide out, and stay in a position to shoot shoot shoot as long as possible...

Right off the bat, had a sweet plan involving shooting goblins, and then charging war-trakks. Not a very awesome plan, these chunky ass jalopies are covered in armor. The thick kind that my weak little space elves can't poke through :(

Here is what's left of the goblins I shot to shit though. Pretty awesome! After the Trakks I assaulted kind of just ignored me, I sent my Dire Avengers over here to stab them in they face holes.

This is the kind of mess that started to occur after midnight. Hordes of hardened greenies dog-piling my Avatar. Boooo!

So tomorrow, when I wake up, this is the cluster fuck of a fight I have to finish. Might be easier by the light of day. Really don't understand why I didn't apply the Risk "don't play after the sun goes down" rule of thumb.

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