Sunday, September 6, 2009

New Adventure Path

The gaming group is starting on Rise of the Runelords today. Finally, yay! We've been trying to play this for about a year or two. Two many chaotic life events got in the way. I'm playing a paladin.

Can't remember anyone ever playing a paladin in a game I ran. People just don't really like playing a guy who can't torture or maim for information. I think it will be an interesting experience. Force me to role play. At least enough to convince the rest of the party to hold back on the usual dungeoneering atrocities.

I think my initiative is low enough that when fights go down, it won't be me who throws the first blow. Think this will help with some moral dilemmas. Also, the ability to detect evil will help me wade through ethical conundrums.

Can't wait to shove my Great sword down a goblins throat. That is totally acceptable good guy behavior.

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