Thursday, January 24, 2008


Got bored at work, started thinking about building a campaign world. This has been in the back of my brain since I downloaded When the Sky Falls from Rpgnow. It's a supplement detailing what would happen to a fantasy world if meteors started raining down on it. I guess you could do it to an existing world, but what's the fun in that? I'd rather carefully craft a world, then unleash a randomized series of cataclysms on it.

So, to do this I came up with shortcuts and vague ideas. The basic idea is to draw up a map on an erasable vinyl hex map, then drop a bunch of counters on it to see where the meteors hit. To name the places on it, I decided to come up with a half-assed fantasy language. Kinda like Tekumel, but lazier. My language only has twenty syllables. Figure I might make them sacred runes or something, or just make it part of the language. I did this because I like the random Chinese name table in palladium's Mystic China. Here's the table so far.
1. Ad
2. An
3. Ce
4. Do
5. Gil
6. Ift
7. Kru
8. La
9. Lee
10. Mi
11. Na
12. Nor
13. Ri
14. Ru
15. Sil
16. Shnu
17. Swi
18. Unk
19. Ute
20. Ver

To generate a name, roll twice. For a last name, roll twice and add -Dra for daughter of, -Gon for son of. Still working on suffixes to denote villages, towns, and cities. Something like our -burg, -ville, -opolis.

I intend on attaching meanings, colors, and runes to these at some point. For the planet itself, I used the system generation tables from Traveler book 6, scouts. It makes this world only 2,ooo miles in diameter, orbiting a binary star. No moons, only 20% water, with a thin tainted atmosphere. Right now I'm stuck on whether this is going to be DnD, or D20 future/modern set during a pre renaissance era.


Infamous Jum said...

I am Swinor Noriftgon, Scurge of Dogilunkburg! Kneel before my mighty Rimisil blade! SHNU!

skeleri said...

He he he, yeah. That sounds about right. Swinor, damn, that makes me chuckle out loud. My language shall be taught in college fifty years from now!