Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Read more of Empire of the Petal throne, couple things jumped out at me. The first was about player dominions. It's stated that when a player buys a dominion, the referee may let them map it out, put a few underworlds in it, and run it as their own.

I know I've heard of this before, possibly a suggestion in the DMG or an issue of Dragon. I like the idea. Play long enough in my game to buy some land, and you can be a sub GM. You are still subject to my general rule, but still autonomous enough to control reality in your own hex.

Since families and clans are so important, it lays out rules for chances your concubines or wives will give birth. Only other time I've seen a game mechanic for that was Pendragon. Always wondered what the chance is that a player would knock up a bar wench. There is also a one percent chance that a relative of yours will show up once a month. Probably subject to a reaction roll, just like every other npc. So there is a good chance your long lost uncle will come looking for you. To kill you.


Infamous Jum said...

Weren't you telling me that you sent a character to find a job, and his first potential boss killed him on sight due a reaction roll? I wanna play in THAT world.

skeleri said...

Stabbed to death by twelve spear men. The character was a priest of the most evil god, the potential employer was a priest of the good god who likes to kill evil. So his body guards poked my test character to death.