Friday, December 28, 2007

Shut-ins and Hermits.

I'm always searching for that rpg system or supplement that will just run itself. I don't want writers block to get in the way of me getting together with a bunch of chums, talking in funny voices, making jokes, and killing critters.

Wilderlands of high fantasy seems to be just that setting, sandbox J. Rients has been calling it. Twilight 2000 and Traveller both seem to have a plays itself quality as well. Very structured on what will happen in a day, on the road or in town. Both of those could actually be played solo. Boring as all hell, but possible. Thats a pretty structured game world that doesn't really require a gm.


Infamous Jum said...

But... but if there's no GM, who's map drawing will I laugh at?!

skeleri said...

Pff, good point. Guess you could laugh at the game designer's typos and strange flaws?

Infamous Jum said...

As long as the tables allow goblins to have stolen underwear in their loot, there will always be something laugh at.