Monday, July 21, 2008


The sunday D&D game I'm playing in just descended into a gore fest. Now if boobies are inappropriate in gaming, gore is totally kosher. How can you have a game that 75% of the time involves people chopping away at each other with swords and not have a little viscerata? The grinding and chopping was all happening to townsfolk, so it was especially brutal. Gore is blunted in gaming, and wisely so, because if your axe can lop off slabs of ogre flesh, it stands to reason that his cleaver will do the same to you. No player wants to get maimed in every fight.

Gurps goblins used nasty injuries, but in that game, your characters are virtually unkillable. The injuries would just make your phobic sickly alchoholic goblin more miserable. Seems with healing spells, chopping the hell out of players would be ok. The cure light would just stick that flapping chunk of flesh back on you.

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Infamous Jum said...

Well, it all ties into the HP debate. Is HP a measure of bodily injury or will to fight? A little of both, perhaps?

Personally I think their should be some more maiming in the game. Most people will say "well, thats what crits are for", but really, when the system just gives x2 damage on a crit, well, thats not really telling you much. Add to this all the NPCs that show up with missing limbs, notes under regeneration on severed limbs, spells the exist specifically to regrow lost limbs, and one starts to wonder what happened to the page that adjudicates such injuries.