Monday, April 21, 2008

Don't even remember this being on TV

Here's a show I'll probably never get to see. Pretty sure thats a good thing, cuz this show looks like one hell of a stinker. It's unattainable status is just about it's only appeal for me. That and it's 80's fantasy capitalizing on the popularity of D&D.


Infamous Jum said...

My god. I miss the olden days when TV was just allowed to suck now and then, and fat people were allowed on camera for more than comedy relief or ham-fisted reminders of America's losing battle with delicious foods.

skeleri said...

Which is ironic, considering the lead in this show, Tim Connaway, was on celebrity biggest loser. He's put on a few, was great on that show, had a hell of a breakdown. Likes the sauce a little bit too much, went into a diatribe about how he doesn't need the grief. "I used to be a big star, I was in grease!"