Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pros and Cons

So I slapped a new section over there on the left for conventions. Really haven't been to too many, went to Gen-con back in the nineties, and once more about four years ago. Few other ones I went to, didn't really sign up for any events, just looted through the dealer area. Then there was Winter War. Signed up for events, got a room, the hole shebang. Tons and tons of fun. Really puts gaming in a different perspective to do it with bunches of strangers, in games ran by guys who do it like the "how to game master" section in most rule books tell you to.

This means now I want to go to butt-tons of cons, and go completely broke. Or just spend less on food and obscure out-of-print games. Meh, we'll see.


Infamous Jum said...

You're coming to Gencon with us this year, right? Cause we're gonna rip it up down there, with cake and clowns and wooden sword beatings!

skeleri said...

I lika da Gencon. Outta be interesting this year, what with 4e and all. Maybe I'll see that dealer that sold me a copy of Street Fighter RPG with the combat rules page torn out. I'll tear out a page of combat all over his face!